Birthday party at Floripark

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Organizing a birthday party can be a fun and stressful activity at the same time. In fact, there are many elements to take into consideration when planning an unforgettable event: its success or otherwise will depend solely on you. Every year we go against to the exhaustive research of the perfect birthday  party, notwithstanding is difficult for us to accept changes and news that every age bring on it; birthdays are an opportunity to understand who has truly stayed with us in the intervening years.


After several celebrations the ideas run out and this event begins to be part of the monotony and the daily routine of our lives; In this article i would like to talk about the experience to celebrate your birthday at Floripark, this local offers many choices: an aperitif enjoying a beautiful garden or if you prefer an after dinner with the best cocktails and dj set. 

For childrens you can have a small snack or if you prefer to take advantage of the sunny summer days, you can prepare a big party for your kids. 


Everything thanks to the magical space of Floripark, in the night it colored with a magical and romantic atmosphere with soft light games and  the candles and flowers that decorate this place accompanied by lounge music. What makes innovative Floripark is  the combination of design, menu, cocktails, room scenting and floral arrangements, in few words Floripark gives you the best birthday party.


dogs with crowns of flowers
garden whith white canddles