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Whisky was originally born in Ireland and then it was rappidly diffused in Scotland.
It is a distillate made from cereals aged in wooden barrels. It was the monks who pioneered the distillation and elaboration proccess, which was later passed on to the farmers who started installing numerous handmade stills in their homes.
These days whisky is the most precious distillate in the market of alcoholic beverages, which comes from it being a distillate of high quality, and also from being spread by the english in north america and canada where many distilleries thrive.Many different categories of whisky exist these days, the most important and known being:

Irish whiskey: The result of being aged in sherry barrels, it is a fine, equilibrated, bright and very sharp whisky.

Scotch whisky: the most famous one of the group. It has numeorus varieties, all of which have a very different personality

Bourbon: The last one to hit the stage, with it being an evolution of existent types. Made from mais and refined in new barrels with a very particular elaboration proccess the result was a more delicate, aromatic and sweet whisky.

Whisky is also one the most requested distillates in cocktail bars, it being the base of many great and famous cocktails like the manhattan, whisky sour, mint julep, old fashioned, or the renown irish coffee.

Ageing of whisky in oak casks
Ageing of whisky in oak casks

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