Around the world in 5 cocktails

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There are cocktails that will never lose currency, from Italy to French Polynesia, a journey to discover the recipes that will never die.

1.Negroni (Florence) : It only takes three ingredients, red martini, campari and gin to make one of the most famous Italian cocktails. Its hometown was Caffè Casoni in Florence, a bar where the Florentine aristocracy regularly met and where Count Camillo Negroni was a regular customer. The bartender, Fosco Scarselli, every time he went there he prepared the usual until one day the count asked him to add some gin to that usual beverage – based on vermouth and bitter – giving origin to Negroni.

2.MAI TAI ( Tahiti) : The mixture of white rum, black rum, orange juice, lemon and pineapple gives rise to this well-known Tahitian cocktail whose name, translated into Spanish, means very good. Its origin raises some controversy, especially because, according to rumors, although it is currently typical of the largest island in French Polynesia, it was created in California in a Polynesian-style restaurant called Mai Tai.

3.Manhattan (New York): This is a very simple recipe and one of the essential cocktails in the sex and the city series, although its origin is said to have been created in 1870 at the Manhattan Club in New York for Winston Churchill’s mother.

4.Piña Colada ( Puerto Rico) : Since 1978, Piña Colada has been the official drink of Puerto Rico. Its origin specifically in 1954, in the Beachcomber bar of the Caribe Hilton hotel in the capital San Juan. 

5.Margarita (Tijuana) : Tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur and salt are the ingredients that put Margarita on the map of Mexico. Among the many versions about the story of their origin, there is one that they say is the authentic one. It takes place in 1938 at the restaurant “Rancho la gloria”, between Tijuana and Rosario, where its bartender prepared a tequila-based cocktail at the request of a dancer named Margarita.