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After the great success of last season, Floripark returns to illuminate the Park of Veio and the Roman summer, with a restaurant format inspired by the aperitif with flowers.This year you will find new arrangements in the beautiful outdoor space, light games, artistic installations and a renewed proposal of food and beverage menu; there are no more “tapas” or floral cocktails, this year the outdoor aperitif includes a menu with traditional dishes and haute cuisine, starting from the pata negra board, to get to the arrosticini and gourmet pizzas
The strength of this location definitely it is the great garden, in the night it colored with a magical and romantic atmosphere with soft light games and the candles and flowers that decorate this place accompanied by lounge music.

What makes innovative the floripark is the combination of design, menu, cocktails, room scenting and floral arrangements, in few words Floripark is a place for lovers of aperitif.

Tattoo with flowers

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