The best Tequila selections in Rome at Floripark

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Tequila is a distillate of Mexican origin, it is not obtained by cereals or tubers, like other kind of distillates, but rather by the fermentation and distillation of a particular plant called blue agave, also known as agave tequilana or maguey, from this vegetal, they obtained most of what they needed every day, such as paper, barriers to delimit properties, fabrics made of fibers, roof tiles, as well as wine, vinegar, honey, sugar and more…

 After the introduction of agave distillation, alcoholic beverages began to be produced and they took the name of mezcal. Currently mezcal and tequila, both produced with agave, are completely different products and they differ both in the production methods as well as in taste, tequila takes its name from the place where it was originally produced, the first form of tequila was produced between 1500 and 1600 near the current city of Tequila, which was born after the first half of 1600. Tequila, in order to be considered as such, must meet certain minimum requirements.

 First of all, it must have an alcohol volume between 40 and 45 and it must be produced by using the double distillation method. Also it must be distilled in Mexico and it must contain at least 51% of blue agave distillate. 

 To be exact, the Tequila brand was born in October 1977 as an absolute exclusivity of the Mexican state. In this regard, the production of this distillate is regulated by a particular state body, called C.T.R. (Consejo Regulador del Tequila).More specifically, the quality of tequila is confirmed only in case it is produced according to a specific standard, the so called NOM-006-SCFI-1994, which must be written on the bottle’s label together with the C.T.R.’s initials. Moreover, a quality tequila must have the indication Tequila 100% agave on the label, at present tequila represents one of the most used and requested distillates in cocktail bars. 


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