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We think of spring, of the importance we have given to flowers in the past of our lives. We think of colours and lights, and that’s how the first impression of Floripark was born. 

Over the years, many places have opened and closed, each with its own particularity that made it unique in its type; but when innovation ends, in a city the size of Rome you risk falling into monotony, and that was what was happening. Apparently different venues were opening up, cocktail bars with different concepts and ‘special’ menus, but in reality it was always the same thing and the aperitif went from being that moment of relaxation to becoming part of everyday life. 

Floripark was born out of people’s need for a change of air, for renewal, for a return to enjoying aperitifs as before, and what is more satisfying than nature? 

FloriPark is the first event in Rome that will literally submerge you in flowers and lights, a temporary garden where you will feel in paradise, in the afternoon you can enjoy an aperitif composed of comfort food and in the evening it turns into an open-air disco, you can dance, have fun and finally get out of the monotony of life. 

Welcome to this ‘house without doors’, a place where you can be enchanted and forget the chaotic city for a moment, with music and menus set to the rhythms of nature and summer”.


light house
people with white dress