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Whoever speaks of the aperitif immediately thinks of the Aperol Spritz, this cocktail has entered the hearts of Italians, but not only, it has become part of the moment of the aperitif, one of the most sacred rituals of recent years. Nevertheless, the origin of this cocktail is not well known, although in recent years the two components have merged perfectly with each other giving rise to the image of the classic aperitif, the spritz and Aperol, are two distinct elements. Aperol is actually only one of the components used to make the spritz, along with :


  • prosecco, Italian sparkling wine
  • soda;
  • a slice of orange. 


And when it comes to prosecco, there’s only one region of Italy that comes to mind. The Veneto is not only home to what is considered the most widely exported wine abroad, but also to the unique and inimitable Spritz. In the 19th century, when the troops of the Austro-Hungarian Empire dominated the Triveneto region, the Veneto people became acquainted with the act of spritzen, or diluting wine with sparkling water.


In 1919, when the Barbieri brothers presented a new protagonist at the Padua fair: the orange cocktail, the spritz, which was to remain for decades. A few years later, around 30′, bartenders in Padua and Venice began to perform the act of the spritzen, taken over from the Austrian troops, adding Aperol, Campari, Gin, Select or even Cynar. 

orange cocktail with orange slice
pink cocktails with flowers