The origin of Gin

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Gin is a distillate of fermented must with cereals, usually corn, wheat and barley, which is flavored with juniper citrus berries which are picked by the master distiller, these products are also known as botanicals.

Gin made its debut in 17th century Holland and its initial objective was to be used as a medicinal in the search for curing digestive and kidney problems. The name Jenever derives from its elaboration with barley rye and mais and then juniper is added. It was very popular amongst soldiers and it was their drink of choice during war, then the british army came to know of it and took it back to Britain, it didn’t take long till the royal court came to know of its existence and the popularity of gin only grew from that point. It became so popular that there were problems in keeping up with the demand and supply, the quality then started to decline and sometimes people would add sugar to make it more sweet. Taking note from this a law was estabilished. The cour was to issue permit for producing and selling gin, but you could only acquire one of the two permits not both. Once a cheap distilliate for centuries, today gin has become one of the most splendid and elegant distillates in the world, beeing so good that can drink it straight without adding anything else to it.

London dry gin: the most classic, not very fragrant, essential in flavor and spartan in aromas, the most used in cocktail bars and to the floripark is the favorite to combine with our proposal of aperitifs. Many distellate claim to be London Dry, but then they are actually quite broad.

Old Tom Gin: a distillate that did not have much luck, but today it is reborn. In practice it is a classic distillate that is sweetened with sugar syrup.

Sloe Gin: basically it is a gin based liquor flavored with wild plum berries.

Aperitif of gin and fried potatoes
Aperitif of gin and fried potatoes

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